Name:  Aliev Lyoman Ridvanovich

Date of birth: 24 december  1989y.

Address: Uzbekistan Tashkent city Yunusabad district Zaripova 9/14

 Working: student of “Tashkent Architectural- building institute”

City of teaching: Tashkent

Leave courses to rise qualification trainers and specialists  by sport attached “Uzbek state’s institute of physical education (30 Iyun 2007y.)

Dodjo address: Uzbekistan Tashkent city Mirzo Ulugbek district Habib Abdulaev  8a

Date of training: 2000y.

Begin teaching: 2007y.

Number of group: 1group 16-…years old

     Promoted to:       6 kiu – 02 March 2003y. Abdullaev R.D.

5 kiu – 21 March 2004y. Abdullaev R.D.

  4 kiu – 05 November 2004y. Abdullaev R.D.

  3 kiu – 26 March 2006y. Abdullaev R.D.

  2 kiu – 14 May 2006y. Abdullaev R.D.

  1 kiu – 17 August 2008y. Abdullaev R.D.

Promoted to dan: 15 may 2010y. Y. Kitaura

Study: Abdullaev R.D.


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